Company: Guangzhou Pleased Grinding Media (GPGM)Ltd. 
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Country/Region: P.R. China 
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Booth No.: 3.1B01 

Profile in English:

Since 2001, GPGM specializes in providing high quality (Nanorbeads®) grinding media for users of coatings (paint, ink and ink-jet), paint raw materials (pigments, dyestuff and fillers etc.), agrochemical (suspension and seed coating agents), cosmetics, electronic paste, etc.

After years of market and technology accumulation,the company introduced technology and talents from Germany and South Korea in 2010 to build a factory in China, creating the world's leading dropping and rolling technology to produce zirconium silicate beads, composite zirconia beads, yttrium stabilized zirconia beads, cerium stabilized zirconia beads, silicon nitride beads and tungsten carbide beads. The company then started high-end ceramic beads made in China.


Nanorbeads® for Fining Your Life.

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  •   4.07 Mills
  •   5.7 Nanotechnology
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