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2019 November 18 (Monday)
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Reactive Solid Acrylic Resins for Coating Industry

M1-1 W1-M1 Pioneer Chemicals Co., Ltd./Dr. Wei Xia

Enhancing Natural Protection of Sol-Silicate Paints with Levasil Colloidal Silica

M2-1 W2-M2 Nouryon New Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd./Dr. Wen Bai ¡ï

Matching Your Requirement , R&D Creates Value¡ªNext Balance with Functional Modularity in R&D of Coating Solutions

M3-1 W2-M3 UNIQCHEM UK Co., Ltd./Mr. Daniel Shi ¡ï

New Development in UV Curable Raw Materials: New Specialty Acrylates for Coatings, Inks, and Adhesives

M20-1 E2-M20 Sartomer (Guangzhou) Chemicals Co., Ltd./Ms. Julie Zhou ¡ï

High Performance WB Defoamers for Industrial Coatings & Inks Applications

M22-1 E3-M22 Elementis Specialties/Mr. Tien Hsu ¡ï

The Application of SB Latex in Coating Products

M25-1 E4-M25 Trinseo Limited/Mr. Jonas Lu

Research and Application for Environmental Iron Oxide

M30-1 E5-M30 Yuxing Pigment (Yixing) Co., Ltd./Mr. Lu Yun Fei

Clariant Special Session of Coating Additives ¡ª Empowerment to High Performance & Environmental Friendly Coatings: Clariant Modified Natural Micronized Waxes in Water Based Coatings, More Eco-Friendly, More Durable (14:30-15:10); High Performance and Sustainable Light Stabilizers Solutions for Environmental Friendly Coatings (15:10-15:40); Clariant Exolit®AP, Provide You a Competitive Solution for Intumescent Coatings (15:40-16:20)

M1-2 W1-M1 Clariant Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd./Ms. Milena Wundlechner,
Mr. Jean-Yves Desrats, Dr. Klaus Bender ¡ï

DSM Waterborne Metal Anti-Corrosion New Technology

M2-2 W2-M2 DSM (China) Ltd./Mr. Wei Xia

New Generation of Synthetic Mica Effect Pigments: Coloristic & Technological Advantages for the Coating Formulators/Stylists

M3-2 W2-M3 Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Willy Dutt ¡ï

Asahikasei HDI

M20-2 E2-M20 Asahikasei Performance Chemicals Corporation/Mr. ChangFeng Hong ¡ï

Multifunctional Water Borne Wetting Agent Supread®2059 for Industrial Coatings and Ink Applications

M22-2 E3-M22 Elementis Specialties/Ms. Lily Yang ¡ï

Create Sustainable and Efficient Industrial Coatings with Evonik Coating Additives

M25-2 E4-M25 Evonik Industries AG/Ms. Shen Lan ¡ï

Ashland Solutions for Waterborne Industrial Coatings Thickening and Defoaming

M30-2 E5-M30 Ashland (China) Holdings Co., Ltd./Mr. Xiwei Zhen

Engineering Cellulose to Make a Wonder Material for Biobased Coatings

M2-3 W2-M2 Sappi Biotech/Mr. Lixian Xu

Identification of Interference Pigments

M3-3 W2-M3 Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Werner Rudolf Cramer ¡ï

Decorative Mortar Provides Durable Protection with Natural Appearance

M20-3 E2-M20 Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd./Mr. Kevin Chen

Research and Application of Odorless Interior Wall Dry Powder Paint

M22-3 E3-M22 Guangdong Longhu Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd./Mr. Senan Lin ¡ï

Application Research on Water Based Coalescing Agent Improving the Film Hardness

M25-3 E4-M25 Shanghai Suitai Chemical Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Wang Hai Tao ¡ï

Eco-Friendly Coating Solution of Allnex

M30-3 E5-M30 Allnex Resin (China) Co., Ltd./Mr. David Qiu
2019 November 19 (Tuesday)
Time Topic Session Number Meeting Room Presenting Company/ Speaker Quantity

Innovative Low VOC Solutions for High Performance Industrial Coatings with Cardura™ and VeoVa™ Monomers

M1-4 W1-M1 Hexion Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./Mr. Steven Mao ¡ï

Low VOC Solutions for Transportation and Industry Coatings

M2-4 W2-M2 Shanghai Polychem Technology Co., Ltd./Dr. Futao Cheng(BASF Application Chemical Co.,Ltd)

Novel Epoxy Curing Agents for High Solids and Solvent-Free Coatings

M3-4 W2-M3 Shenzhen Jiadida New Material Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Steven Xie

The ROSF''s Sand-In-Sand Innovation System

M20-4 E2-M20 Guangzhou Rosf New Material Technology Co., Ltd./Mr. Gong Bowen

New Type of Pigment Preparation ¡ª Water Based Fast Soluble Color Powder for Coating Industry

M25-4 E4-M25 Color Valley Technical and Development (Tianjin) Co., Ltd./Mr. Wang Xian Min ¡ï

Innovative & Eco-Friendly Additives in WB Latex and Coating

M30-4 E5-M30 Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd./Dr. Shen Cheng(Dow Chemical Company),
Dr. Zhong Ling(Dow Industrial Solutions Business)

Low VOCs Epoxy Resins in Different Applications: Binder Selection, Formulation Design and Industrial Partnership are the Key to Success

M1-5 W1-M1 Hexion Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./Ms. Michelle Yang ¡ï

The Development, Challenges and Solutions of Inorganic Silicate Paints at Home and Abroad

M2-5 W2-M2 Clariant Chemicals (China) Ltd./Mr. Andy Liu

Functional Extenders for Industrial Coatings Applications

M3-5 W2-M3 Elementis Specialties/Mr. Veli Kilpeläinen ¡ï

High Performance Aluminium Pigments, Aluminium Pigments for Inks, Special Aluminium Pigments for Waterborne Coatings & Powder Coatings

M20-5 E2-M20 Zuxing New Materials Co., Ltd./Mr. Luo Kui,
Dr. Hu Jun

Application of New Bio-Based Coalescing Agent and Net Odor Coalescing Agent in Interior Wall Coatings

M25-5 E4-M25 Runtai Chemical Co., Ltd./Mr. Lu Xiaosong

The Study of Water-Soluble Cellulose Ethers in Stone Paint

M30-5 E5-M30 Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited/Mr. Hong Guo ¡ï

2019 China`s Waterborne Coatings Market Research Reports (Launched by WBCP)

M1-6 W1-M1 DSM (China) Ltd./Ms. Sandy Chen

Asahikasei PCDL

M2-6 W2-M2 Asahikasei Performance Chemicals Corporation/Mr. Yasufumi Kawai ¡ï

New Chloride Ink Grade TiO2 from Chemours

M3-6 W2-M3 The Chemours Chemical (Shang Co., Ltd./Mr. Robert Li

NEXIVA® Empowder Your Paints

M20-6 E2-M20 Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd./Dr. Lada Bemert

Technical Mechanism and Application of the 5th-Generation Inorganic Architectural Paints

M25-6 E4-M25 Connell Bros. (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./Mr. Jack Lin

Evonik Additives & Special Extender in Architectural Coatings

M30-6 E5-M30 Evonik Industries AG/Mr. Jiangang Xie ¡ï

Solutions to Improve Adhesion, Hydrolysis Resistance and Salt Spray Resistance

M1-7 W1-M1 Beijing Baiyuan Chemical Co., Ltd./Mr. Wayne Wu ¡ï

Novel CNSL-Based Waterborne Curing Agents Suitable for High-Performance and Low VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings

M2-7 W2-M2 Cardolite Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd./Dr. Hong Xu ¡ï

Safety Data Sheet Software (Free) and Formula Data Analysis Software (Free)

M3-7 W2-M3 Concerto Tech Co., Ltd./Mr. Timothy Huang ¡ï

A Package Solution of Water Based Industrial Coating from BASF

M20-7 E2-M20 Shanghai Polychem Technology Co., Ltd./Dr. Jeff Xia(BASF Application Chemical Co.,Ltd)

New Additive to Eliminate Pinhole for Water Based Coating Formulations and Novel Defoamer Technology Achieving Unparalleled Performance in Waterborne Inks

M22-7 E3-M22 Evonik Industries AG/Dr. Ye Dai,
Ms. Xuefang Chen ¡ï

Highperformance Waterborne Coating Resin ¡ª High Gloss, High Toughness, High Heat Resistance

M25-7 E4-M25 Changzhou Huake Polymers Co., Ltd./Ms.HongJuan Jiang

Next Generation Ultra-Matte PUD Applied in 2K Aqueous Systems

M30-7 E5-M30 Stahl Coatings and Fine Chemical (Suzhou) Co., Ltd./Mr. Bill Cai

Excellent Sag Resistance without Sacrificing Your Levelling ¨C Exilva® Microfibrillated Cellulose in Waterborne Coatings

M1-8 W1-M1 LEHVOSS (Shanghai) Chemical Trading Co., Ltd./Dr. Otto Soidinsalo

DSM New Generation UV Curable Resins with Ultra-High Abrasion Resistance and Silky Feel UV Oligoments

M2-8 W2-M2 DSM (China) Ltd./Mr. Frank Hsu

Post-Add Solutions to Enhance Color Strength and Acceptance with Additives

M3-8 W2-M3 Borchers (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd./Ms. Loulou Rozek ¡ï

The Development of an Unique Anti-Corrosion Epoxy Emulsion by Duke Polytech and Its Potential Application in Anti-Corrosion Primers

M20-8 E2-M20 Dukepolytech Corporation/Dr. Yuan He ¡ï

Development on Waterborne Resins of 2-Component Wood Coatings

M22-8 E3-M22 Allnex Resin (China) Co., Ltd./Mr. Victor Xu

DAAM/AAEM-ADH Crosslinking System Application in Industrial Coatings

M25-8 E4-M25 Weifang Chemidea Chemicals Co., Ltd./Mr. Xiaohua Xing ¡ï

A Breakthrough in Effect Pigment Technology: Zenexo® WB Ultra-Thin Effect Pigments for Automotive and Exterior Coating Applications

M30-8 E5-M30 Shanghai Saifu Chemical Development Co., Ltd./Dr. Frank J. Maile(Schlenk Metallic Pigments GmbH)

Why You Should Consider Soybean Oil for Tomorrow¡¯s Coating

M1-9 W1-M1 United Soybean Board/Mr. Lee Walko

DSM Decovery™ Bio-Based Coating Technology Development and Market Trends in Europe

M2-9 W2-M2 DSM (China) Ltd./Ms. Qiu Shi

New Generation of Charring Promoters in Water-Based Intumescent Coatings

M3-9 W2-M3 Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG/Dr. Sebastian Moschel,
Mr. Jason Liu

Clariant Offers a ¡°One-Stop Solution¡± for Eco-Friendly Water-Based Colorants

M20-9 E2-M20 Clariant Coatings (Shanghai) Ltd./Ms. Sally Qin

Ashland HEC Provides Stability of Multi-Color Sand Paint

M22-9 E3-M22 Ashland (China) Holdings Co., Ltd./Mr. Jacky Huang

The Application of Tiansheng`s Cellulose Ethers in Gypsum Mortars¡ªLess Makes Better

M25-9 E4-M25 Shandong Tiansheng Cellulose Corp., Ltd./Mr. Chris Zhao

Methacrylate Monomers and Resins Applied on Coatings

M30-9 E5-M30 Röhm Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd./Mr. Chung Yang Goh
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