Company: Zhejiang Huate New Material Co., Ltd.  
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Country/Region: P.R. China 
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Profile in English:

Zhejiang Huate New Materials Co., Ltd., previously known as Huate Chemical Co., Ltd., is a high tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a key technology enterprise of Hangzhou, one of the first groups of environmentally friendly enterprises of Hangzhou, a green enterprise of Zhejiang Province and an outstanding and powerful chemical enterprise of Hangzhou. Huate is the central sub-company of Zhejiang Huate Group, advice director enterprise of China Professional Bentonite Association, the director enterprise of China Nonmetal Mining Association, member of China Painting Industry Association, member of China Chemical Industry Academy. There is a provincial level technical center in the enterprise. Huate Additive is a new department of Huate New Materials Co., Ltd. with advantageous resources of the company with a total investment of RMB50 million. With modern standard workshops, advanced production equipment, first-class inspection instruments and strong team of research and development, Huate Additive produces more than 10 products including anti-settling agent, flatting agent, antifoaming agent and dispersing agent. Quality of products is almost the same as that of the best products of the world. Depending on our understanding of the technologies in coating and ink products, we can provide comprehensive solutions for coating and ink enterprises.

The company has been emphasizing product quality, environment management and brand establishment, and it passed accreditation of ISO9001 International Quality Management System, ISO14001 International Environment Management System and China Environment Certification Product before other enterprises in the same industry."Huate" has been awarded as "Famous Trademark of Zhejiang Province" by Zhejiang Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau. The company has been awarded" Enterprise of Contract Adherence and Credibility" and AAA Credibility Enterprise consecutively for many years.

The company carries out ISO9001 International Quality Management System and ISO14001 International Environment Management System strictly, uses the most advanced production equipment and technologies, implements whole-process inspections to make sure the product quality and environment protection are met.

The investors of the company have been rewarded abundantly for their investment on the high-tech industry. Zhejiang Huate New Materials Co., Ltd. would like to invite customers at home and abroad to work together for a prosperous future in the new century.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.3 Functional Additives & Solvents
  •   1.3.01 Anti-foaming Agents
  •   1.3.07 Emulsifiers
  •   1.3.08 Surfactants
  •   1.3.09 Dispersants
  •   1.3.10 Rheology Modifiers
  •   1.3.11 Thickeners
  •   1.3.12 Thixotropic Agents
  •   1.3.13 Levelling Agents
  •   1.3.14 Matting Agents
  •   1.3.15 Stabilisers
  • 2 Powder Coatings Technology
  •   2.2 Solid Solvents to Improve Dispersion & Application
  • 5 Coatings, Inks & Adhesive Products
  •   5.1 Varnishes & Lacquers
  •   5.2 Powder Coatings
  •   5.4 Adhesives & Sealants
  •   5.5 Construction Chemicals