Company: Guangdong Buster New Material Co., Ltd. 
Business Nature: Manufacturer  Guangdong Buster New Material Co., Ltd._logo
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E5 
Zone No.:
Booth No.: E5.D45 

Profile in English:

Danny Silke (Canada) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer producing polymers and specialty chemicals products. They are widely used in building materials, paints, inks, adhesives, textile industry and other fields. Our company¡¯s skilled technical support team is committed to developing safe, environmental protection and efficient products. We constantly meet the development and demand of building materials. Our products are in line with SGS certification of European and American testing institutions.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.1 Resins & Binders
  •   1.1.09 Cellulosic Materials
  •   1.3 Functional Additives & Solvents
  •   1.3.01 Anti-foaming Agents
  •   1.3.11 Thickeners