Company: Shandong Beili Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. 
Business Nature:   Shandong Beili Advanced Materials Co., Ltd._logo
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E2 
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Booth No.: E2.B45 

Profile in English:

Shandong Beili Advance Materials Co., Ltd.is a high-tech enterprise specializes in the zirconium related products. Ourgrinding beads use the world's leading production technology, and the internalstructure is uniform and have high hardness. With its low abrasion wear, it canextend product's service life, and because of its accurate size, it caneffectively shorten the grinding time and improve production efficiency.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 4 Production/Packaging Plants & Installations
  •   4.07 Mills / Mill Media