Company: Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd. 
Business Nature: Manufacturer  Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd._logo
Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E5 
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Booth No.: E5.D49 

Profile in English:

Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin and its derivatives. Our products are used in a broad range of industries such as paint, thermoplastic road marking paint, hot melt adhesive, hot melt PSA, coatings, ink, rubber, food and paper.

Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd. also involves in associated products hydrocarbon resin. We export thousands tons resins to overseas market per month. We supply customers with high quality products at competitive price and with satisfied service. Our professional sales team is able to understand customers' special requirement. We provide not only products but also the best service. Our ability and our readiness make Resin Chemicals Co., Ltd. truly unique in the rosin and resin industry. Our mission is to be a customer focused and innovative resin company that consistently supply high quality products and services that exceed our customers expectation.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.1 Resins & Binders
  •   1.1.14 Natural Resins
  • 5 Coatings, Inks & Adhesive Products
  •   5.1 Varnishes & Lacquers
  •   5.3 Printing Inks
  •   5.4 Adhesives & Sealants
  •   5.6 Functional & Smart Coatings & Inks
  • 7 Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
  •   7.07 Environmental Conservation & Safety Equipment