Company: Skylink Fluid Process Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 
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Country/Region: Canada 
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Booth No.: E2.C21 

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Since the establishment of the brand, SKYLINK, as a world-renowned diaphragm pump manufacturer, has been focusing on fluid transmission and providing solutions for users in various industries around the world.

Our main products include pneumatic diaphragm pump, electric diaphragm pump, sewage pump, high pressure pump, powder pump, sanitary pump, rotor pump and magnetic pump. Our core markets include lithium batteries, environmental water treatment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, coatings, mining and metallurgy, electronics and other industrial applications.

As an experienced industrial pump manufacturer, SKYLINK diaphragm pump series products can transport not only ordinary fluid media, but also corrosive media, high wear media, high viscosity media and powder particle media. Skyley can provide reasonable and efficient fluid transportation solutions according to applications and customer needs.

Classification of Exhibits:
  •   4.08 Filters, Pumps & Metering Devices