Company: Dura Co., Ltd. 
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Country/Region: P.R. China 
Hall No.: E2 
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Booth No.: E2.F11 

Profile in English:
Founded in 2010, DURA Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of ceramic beads with leading technology. The main products are yttria stabilized zirconia beads, ceria stabilized zirconia beads, ATZ & ZTA beads, zirconium silicate beads, silicon nitride beads and tungsten carbide beads, and high performance ceramic shot peening. 

With the core technology of dropping & rolling process to make the bead shape size microgranular and compact the internal structure. Provide high strength, low wear and high efficiency Durabeads® grinding media for ultra-fine grinding of the material.

Durabeads® the durable and stable grinding media!

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 4 Production/Packaging Plants & Installations
  •   4.07 Mills / Mill Media
  • 5 Coatings, Inks & Adhesive Products
  •   5.7 Nanotechnology