Company: Cathay Colors & Pigments Limited 
Business Nature: Manufacturer  Cathay Colors & Pigments Limited_logo
Country/Region: Hong Kong SAR China 
Hall No.: E4 
Zone No.:
Booth No.: E4.H77 

Profile in English:
CATHAY INDUSTRIES is a global manufacturer and supplier of complete colors solutions. CATHAY INDUSTRIES started off as a trading firm in 1979 under the name Advanced Chemicals Limited, but over time we have become one of the top three manufacturers of synthetic iron oxide and have diversified our products to a complete range of pigments and raw materials.

Our businesses include:
- High quality iron oxide manufacturing as the core business,
- Highest purity iron oxide production for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries because of their ultra purity,
- Supplying raw materials in cost-effective way with fully customized supply solutions for all industries.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.2 Pigments & Extenders
  •   1.2.03 Inorganic Colour Pigments