Company: Industrial Physics 
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Country/Region: USA 
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Industrial Physics is the world¡¯s leading test and inspection partner. And we¡¯re here to protect the integrity of some of the biggest brands across the globe. But how do we do this? By providing first-class test and inspection solutions you can trust. 

Operating across a family of brands, we¡¯ve been supporting manufacturers, laboratories, and production lines across multitude of industries for almost 100 years. It¡¯s our innate desire to continuously learn, innovate, and better ourselves that allows us to provide the highest quality of products, services, and bespoke solutions.

TQC Sheen belongs to Industrial Physics, and provides a wide range of paint testing equipment, including laboratory testing equipment, industrial surface coating testing equipment and protective coating testing equipment. TQC Sheen's testing equipment is widely used in paint, coating and surface analysis in the automotive and aerospace industries. The main equipment includes gloss meter, thickness gauge, viscometer, abrasion meter, paint hardness tester, etc. TQC Sheen is headquartered in the Netherlands, with the company's production base, logistics warehouse, application laboratory and R&D center in Rotterdam, as well as a dedicated dealer network in more than 60 countries around the world.

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 6 Measurement & Testing of Coatings for QC/R&D
  •   6.2 Chemical Characterisation
  •   6.3 Innovations in Measurement & Testing
  •   6.4 Wet Paint Characterisation (Viscosity, Rheology, Wetting Behaviour etc.)
  •   6.5 Dry Film & Mechanical Properties (including Durability)
  •   6.6 Surface Analysis