Company: ACE&E Co., Ltd. 
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Country/Region: Korea 
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Profile in English:

Ace & E Co., Ltd. is a precision chemical company that produces products in various chemical fields such as industrial water treatment agents, paper drugs, adhesives and resins, and is striving to improve the process and quality of products to ensure continued corporate competitiveness.

With the aim of making inroads into small businesses within the next 10 years, the company is seeking to find various items of precision chemical products that can generate high value-added products and continuously research and development.

Main production items are adhesives, water treatment agents,fluoride resin, cleaning agents, paper chemicals,petrochemical plant process chemicals, etc. and are composed of products with excellent price/performance.

We have research center and production facilities capable of producing various chemicals required by your company, and can directly control production, packing and shipping.

We believe that our task is to suggest the best way for the satisfaction of the customers by all technical information and, we will do our best to develop new productions services for the needs of customers with upgrade technologies.

- Create new businesses through the development of new technologies and secure competitive edge of businesses through global expansion
- Build a research base and human network by increasing R&D investment
- Securing various new technologies through continuous R&D
- Create high value-added products and secure new growth engines by expanding business areas
- Securing a management system through the establishment of an integrated management system

Classification of Exhibits:
  • 1 Raw Materials For Coating, Inks & Adhesives
  •   1.1 Resins & Binders
  •   1.1.02 Acrylic Resins
  •   1.1.08 Hybrid Resins
  •   1.1.15 Functional Resins
  •   1.1.16 Raw Materials for Resins
  •   1.1.22 Other Resins & Binders
  •   1.3 Functional Additives & Solvents
  •   1.3.04 Biocides & Preservatives
  • 5 Coatings, Inks & Adhesive Products
  •   5.6 Functional & Smart Coatings & Inks
  • 6 Measurement & Testing of Coatings for QC/R&D
  •   6.6 Surface Analysis
  • 7 Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
  •   7.03 Effluent/Emission Treatment
  •   7.04 Hygienic & Easy Clean Surfaces
  •   7.05 Packaging & Waste Reduction