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2020 December 8 (Tuesday)
Time Topic Session Number Meeting Room Presenting Company/ Speaker Quantity

Future Dispersion in Lacquer and Paint Production

WEB-01 线上场次 Online Session ystral gmbh maschinenbau + processtechnik/Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob

Asahi Kasei Polycarbonate Diol Featuring New Development Products Announcement

CC1-01 4.1-1 ASAHIKASEI Corporation/Ms. Hoshino Eriko

1. VINNAPAS® Polymer Powder for Skim Coat Application 2. VINNAPAS® Polymer Powder for Decorative Mortar Application

CC2-01 4.1-2 Wacker Chemicals (China) Co., Ltd./Mr. Steven Li
Mr. Jack Cen

Pigmentary TiO₂ Production Through New Process

CC1-02 4.1-1 Fujian Kuncai Material Technology Co., Ltd./Dr. Paul Cao

A New Colored Aluminium Effect Pigments’ Introduction – Zenexo®

CC2-02 4.1-2 Special Guest of UGC Chemical Co., Ltd./Mr. Tong Jian

Multi-Functional Additives for Low Gloss Waterborne Coating with High Film Clarity & Chemical Resistance Performance

CC1-03 4.1-1 Grace China/Mr. Zhang Weide

“Thicken” Your Thinking and “Level” Your Needs—Borchers Boost Water-Borne Coating Development

CC2-03 4.1-2 Borchers (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd./Ms. Xiaoni Zhang

Introduction of Performance and Advantages of SB Latex Applications in Waterproofing Building Materials

CC1-04 4.1-1 Trinseo Ltd./Mr. Lu Lei

“PU INFRA Discovery” Series, CHINACOAT2020—Covestro Novel PU Coating Solutions for Home Decoration

CC2-04 4.1-2 Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd./Mr. Richard Shen

Ashland’s MCP Supports Customizing Colors & Creating Stabler System in Multi-Color Coatings

CC1-05 4.1-1 Ashland (China) Holdings Co., Ltd./Mr. Yazhou Guo

Embrace the Sustainable Future—Covestro Waterborne Biobased Materials for Wood Coatings

CC2-05 4.1-2 Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd./Mr. Shi Guoping
2020 December 9 (Wednesday)
Time Topic Session Number Meeting Room Presenting Company/ Speaker Quantity

A New Choice of High-Durable Chloride Grade TiO₂

CC2-00 4.1-2 Lomon Billions Group Co., Ltd./Mr. Zhang Yurong

Ashland`s Solutions Improve Rheological, Prevent Sagging & Control Foam in Waterborne Industrial Coatings

CC1-06 4.1-1 Ashland (China) Holdings Co., Ltd./Mr. Xiwei Zhen

Solution to Environmentally Additives for Coating

CC2-06 4.1-2 DKSH (Shanghai) Ltd./Ms. Lily Yang
Mr. Field Liang

Novel CNSL-Based Solvent Free Curing Agents for High-Performance and Ultra Low VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings

CC1-07 4.1-1 Cardolite Chemical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd./Mr. Jing Li

Application of Additives in Waterbased Industrial Paint and Ink

CC2-07 4.1-2 DaXiang International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (San Nopco)/Mr. Jerry Wang

Low Odor Emulsion and Additive Power Architectural Coatings Formulation Upgrades

CC1-08 4.1-1 Special Guest of Nanjing Golden Chemical Co., Ltd./Weijiang Yang, PhD

Empower Waterborne Conversation, Embrace Circular Economy—Covestro Solutions for Auto Refinish and Transportation Coatings

CC2-08 4.1-2 Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd./Mr. Steven Zhu

Application of HDI Polyisocyanates for Environmental Coatings

CC1-09 4.1-1 ASAHIKASEI Corporation/Dr. Hong Chang Feng

Empower Automotive Paint Upgrade, Embrace Circular Economy—Covestro Solutions for Auto OEM & Plastic Coatings

CC2-09 4.1-2 Covestro (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd./Ms. Qinglan Liu

Bio-Based Binders and Matt Additives for “Natural Look” of Wood

CC1-10 4.1-1 Lamberti Asia Pacific Ltd./Mr. Stefano Fumagalli

Greener Alkyd for Better Life—Ignite Alkyd Revolution and Build the National Coating in the Most Sustainable Way

CC2-10 4.1-2 Borchers (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd./Ms. Vicky Chen
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