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September 2018


September 15, 2018


Editor’s Note

Sustainability vs. Artificial Intelligence

— Prof. Long Lin

I apologise to the readers who find the title of this editorial puzzling, and hope that the rest of this editorial serves to redeem myself of causing such a confusion. I decided to bring sustainability and artificial intelligence (AI), two seemingly totally unrelated topics, together, as both have profoundly impacted mankind and gained increasingly attention over the last couples of decades or so but have been met by mankind with very different attitudes. Both have gained increasing awareness, but for very different reasons.


Market Insight

Green Coatings and Sustainability without Compromise

— Prof. Jamil Baghdachi, Eastern Michigan University, USA

These are exciting times for development of Green Coatings and raw materials, efficient and energy saving processes. A sense of urgency is driving a frenzy of activity on both research and commercialisation fronts. The driving force behind Green Coatings concept and movement are varied but can be summarised in three major forces of: Local and global environmental regulations and the potential effect on human health, gradual depletion of fossil-based resources and a combination of corporate sustainability initiatives and potential economic gains.


Green Coatings

100% Renewable Ethoxylated Surfactants

— Steven Y. Chan, PhD and Nathan Noyes, Croda Inc., USA

As consumer awareness of the products and chemicals they use rises, many chemical companies are also striving to become more environmentally responsible. The trend in the coatings industry globally is towards low/zero VOC products, and water-based formulations have been developed to replace solvent systems. To go one step further, many innovations in coatings technology are based on sustainable or green chemistries.


Insider View

Silok: Silicone Price Remains Strong

We are honoured to have an interview with Miss Sun Yanping, Director of Marketing Centre of Guangzhou Silok Polymer Co., Ltd. Ms. Sun mentioned that the coatings industry may be affected by the US-China trade war and the rising price of raw materials caused by domestic environmental protection policies, but she believes that Silok is able to turn challenges into opportunities with their accumulated technical strength.


Low-VOC Technology

Effective Low VOC Epoxy Solution in Practice — A Case Study of Hypothesis into Practice and Field Study

— Dr. Christian Piechocki, Marie-Josée Déry-Chauvette, Tony Doyle, M. Reginald Horne, Marcus Pfarherr, Olin Epoxy

Within the chemical and petrochemical industries, solventborne epoxy primers and mid coats act as the initial barrier against corrosion due to their ease of application and proven track record of excellent protection. Increasing demand to control emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) has led the industry to move to lower VOC solutions. While high solids, low VOC epoxy solutions are the leading incumbent, they typically have undesired characteristics including high viscosity, poor sprayability and reduced corrosion resistance, resulting in the slower adoption of low VOC solutions by contractors and asset owners.


Adhesives & Sealants

The Rapidly Rising Impact of Emerging Economies on Future Global Market Dynamics of Adhesives & Sealants

— Dr. Juergen Wegner, ChemQuest Europe

Adhesives and sealants (A&S) belong to specialty chemicals characterised by an outstanding growth performance. They usually grow with some 30 to 40% above Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a phenomenon commonly explained by a combinatoric effect of rapid progress in polymer chemistry and greater insight in surface science, as well as, by on-going and widespread substitution of physical bonding techniques such as welding, clamping and screwing by "chemical" bonding of A&S.


2K Industrial Coatings

Bridging Long Pot Life with Fast Cure at Low Temperature: from Concept to Development

— A. Duréault, J. Volle, P. Luethi, A. Napoli, M. Gerlitz, Huntsman Advanced Materials, Switzerland

In today’s business environment, there are two big challenges for coatings formulators: cost pressure and compliance with new, mainly EU-related legislations such as VOC-regulation, REACH and product safety (toxicology). The main interesting work for R&D community, improving performance with innovative products, is only relevant in the case that it can contribute to one of the first two challenges (cost and regulation).


Architectural Coatings

New Method for Objective Hiding Assessment of Wall Paint

— Steven De Backer, Chemours, Belgium

The intrinsic hiding power of a paint is very well described by the theory of Kubelka and Munk, resulting in what is often called a theoretical spread rate. This number expresses the number of square metre of wall that can be covered at a certain contrast ratio. The test method assumes a very uniform application, which can be realised under lab conditions, but does not necessarily correspond to the hiding power of a paint layer applied with a roller. Such a roller creates, pending on the flow characteristics of the paint, the substrate, the type of roller,… a more or less pronounced surface structure (peaks and valleys), resulting in a reduction of the observed hiding power.


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Industry News

  • A new company is founded: SANITIZED Preservation AG
  • Ferrari introduces the world’s first low-bake paint technology
  • Brian Scutt joins Connell Brothers as its chief operating officer
  • Hexion and Vanora create a new biocide-free waterborne binder solution for the paint and coatings industry
  • Lubrizol introduces Solsperse W300 Hyperdispersant for water-borne construction coatings
  • Clariant breaks ground on joint venture production site in Cangzhou, China
  • AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and Imagine Chemistry winner Renmatix to develop biomass-derived additives for paint & construction
  • Axalta inaugurates new coating manufacturing facility in India
  • DIC Corporation signs JDA with Checkerspot to develop advanced high performance materials

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